Pew Research assignment

15 11 2011

In your blogs, write a critique of the Pew Research Center’s study, HOW MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS USE TWITTER. Is it well done? Are there problems with its methodology? How does it relate to what you have learned about the use of social media in journalism?

My advice: Rather than take it as a whole, focus on specific parts of the study, though I want to see that you have read and understood the entire package.

Since you are writing in your blogs, use links where possible. If you make an assertion one way or another, you should back it up with detail and background, and links are the best way to do this.

I’ll be looking for your grasp of the issues we’ve discussed in class as applied practically. I’ll grade based on critical thinking, your use of blogging as a medium, clarity and quality of writing. You have until the end of class to finish. When you are done, email me the URL of the live entry you’ve written.

Facebook use by journalists

3 11 2011

Facebook & TV

Diane Sawyer

The New York Times

WSJ Social on Facebook

Chicago Tribune

Christiane Amanpour

Nicholas D. Kristof

KMOV puts Facebook to work covering airport tornado

SkyZoom 4 is up – KMOV

COMM 4397 blogs

4 10 2011

Project groups

29 09 2011

Group 1


Rowald,Kathleen Joelle

Glennan,Caroline Alexandra

Smith II,David Lee

Group 2

Johnson,Kristin Elizabeth

Kamkhagi,Daniel Eric

Lam,Paulina T

McIntosh,Matthew A.

Khalil,Hannah Alexandra

Group 3

Rodriguez,Juan A


Parra,Daniela Beatriz

Huynh,Chris Liem

MacFarland, Kimberlie

Group 4

Cousatte- Thomas,Cassandra Dawn

White,Kevin James

Crenshaw,Alexa Charly

Tippet,Tristan Charles

Early,Jennifer K

COMM 4397 links

25 08 2011

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Protected: History of social media

25 08 2011

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Facebook + Journalism 101 (via Facebook)

14 08 2011


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